Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Don't Fear Your Fetish"

I have developed some odd fetishes and sexual kinks. What can I say? I'm a child of the 80's and 90's. These two decades came after the emergence of free love. My parents generation. But, once AIDS came into the picture, the kids from my generation were brought up in a world where sex could kill. Mix that with my extreme gender issues and confusion about sex in general and I guess it all might acount for why I picked up a few common fetishes and few more unique desires. I am going to start with a fetish of mine that is always strong and not shared amongst many other Trans girls I've met.

Can you guess the first fetish just by looking at the picture? If not, I'll just simply tell you that Women's and Girl's sneakers are something I have loved going back as far as I can remember. Especially White sneakers. I have grown to love all sorts and styles of female footwear and even have  sexual feelings for many of the gorgeous shoes that women wear. But it was a pair of white sneakers that my mother owned that first caught my attention. I can only grasp a fuzzy image of what was a defining moment in my childhood. A memory of seeing the cute and more feminine style sneaker and for some reason feeling a connection. It's not just a sexual desire when it comes to this fetish. In fact I believe all fetish's derive from more emotion than sexuality. If you look at this photo to the left it is easy to disregard the image as a pair of sneakers. I see more than that. I see the contrast of tan and freshly shaven legs aginst the bunched white sock that is a perfect (and yes, outdated) accessory to the white sneaker. The image is clearly feminine and even the way her feet are positioned add to the cute and girlish appearence.

And as Time moved further into the nineies it seemed that my love of ultra girly white sneakers was something all girls shared. The Outrageous platform white sneaker that girls adored was something that seemed to be a sign from god, or someone taunting me. I wanted a pair so bad and still do. these were the high heels of sneakers. To have worn them would have been amazing. These beauties leave no room for the classic uni-sex defense. Being seen in these meant you were a girl or you were coming out of the closet at extreme speeds.

Then of course, what the Spice girls inspired by wearing platform sneakers became a phenomenon. I can't imagine the many different styles and variations of platform sneakers. Some ugly, Some cute and some just so ridiculous and yet fearlessly adaorable. Adding pink to stand against the white only adds to the blunt message of girlishness that came into my life as something seen as plain and average. It left my life before I got a pair, but fashion is cyclical and I refuse to miss the next chance to be all the girl I can be.

Girl Power!  :)